Our technologies and solutions are designed to cater the need M2M Network Operators with a flexible and fast to deploy solution to address the M2M requirements of their Enterprise customers.


Service Enablement for Advanced Machines

SEAM Suite


A web 2.0 Online portal easy and intuitive to use by End Customers and all their business ecosystem.


  • Activate & Desactivate
  • One Click Subscription Ordering
  • Built in CRM (for end-users) and SIM cards grouping
  • Domain Separation between groups of Simcards
  • Domain Delegation for Sub-level Users & Partners for distribution & installations
  • Customised fields & alerts
  • Workflow management
  • Online Ticketing systems
  • Location Based Services
  • Real time 360° view for trouble shooting

Seam Way



Seam Vantage is the backend and backoffice systems that support M2M services.

* Sales Force Automation & Customer Relationship Management

* Charging , Billing, Invoicing, AR, ERP

* Mediation & Provisioning Workflow & Connector

* Life Cycle Management & Business Logics

* Management for Voice/CSD, Data , SMS, Device, IP (v6)

It is used by internal teams such as :

  • Sales Team
  • Front Line & Back Office
  • Support & Troubleshooting Team
  • Distributors / Installations
  • Marketing & Product Team (Billing, Offers)
  • Finance Team

It is oriented for all in one system to manage your M2M stakeholders and can be used to serve both B2B and B2B2C customers


SEAM Core is a back-end Routing Management technology that enable management of the M2M Data & SMS. Our features are all included with SEAM Cards such as :

  • Internation Static IP Fix Data & SMS coverage
  • DPI and Accounting
  • Policy Control
  • Per Account Filtering Rules
  • Virtual IPs
  • VPNs & Lease Lines
  • Traffic Rerouting & Nating
  • Multiple APN Management
  • SMS management ( API, SMPP, forwarding)
  • and of course, for simple needs, Internet gateway

Your communications are separate from other customers in your WLAN. Secured against internet port scanning, or other network users hacking, as well as a controlled traffic against any mis-usage of your staff or partners.

Seam Core
Seam Cloud


For customers with high-end requirements for traffic availability, our virtualized environment enable to host your databases and application servers to enjoy a direct link to your tracked assets.

No more interruption of Internet communication, your end-to-end solution is directly in our facilities where SEAM Core is running. We propose :

  • Cloud Database storage
  • Cloud Application hosting
  • Troubleshooting & Support by a team of M2M experts

Whichever your environment, our experts will help you design the best cloud solution to suit your scaling business.


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