SEAM IOT is a set of IOT solutions and Services that are specially designed to provide Telecom M2M services to companies in Emerging Regions.

All plug and play, with an immediate on-boarding for your Enterprise customers. No lengthy training or integration, everything is already there to start in minutes.

  • Enable your Enterprise Customers to do their IOT business with their own ecosystem
  • Enable your Enterprise Sales to sell M2M services and your Network Infrastructure
  • Affordable and fast to deploy
  • Platform as a Service model

SEAM IOT brings practical M2M technology for Mesh, Fixed and Mobile Networks Operators

If you build a network infrastructure and you plan to monetize it, you will need SEAM-IoT.


Business Model

SEAM IOT specializes in M2M technology and strive to build the best Connectivity Solutions for Network Providers to serve their Enterprise Customers. We provide Solutions as Service, with a wide range of features that give a unique customer experience, scalable and reliable system. We work closely with Industry Vertical partners to integrate processes and software with SEAM our solutions, and therefore to enable a seamless experience when managing their business.

Our SEAM Connectivity solutions have cutting-edge unique features such as LBS Maps, User Delegation, End-Customer Management, Domain Separation and are as designed with online user friendly interfaces for non-technology savvy teams.

Our platforms are designed to build and run applications from the connected world and to reduce time, costs, and risks to develop an innovative Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) application.


  • Seamless Platform
  • Quick Deployment with Model-based Development
  • Intergrate People, Systems & Machines
  • Deploy How You Like
  • Evolve & Grow Your Application Over Time

Our Architecture



Seamlessly connect any remote product or device to the cloud.


Gain realtime visibility and control over your assets with SeamWay portal


Transform data into actionable information via SeamWay platform


Innovative Mindset

Platform As A Service
Seamless Platform
Time to Market
Integrate People, Systems & Machines
Evolve & Grow Your Applications
Software As A Service

Our Skills

Machine to Machine & Internet of Things 100
Integration & Development 100
Infrastucture & IP Routing 100
Cloud Deployments 100
System Automation 100